May 15, 2006
Wired Magazined asked me to illustrate a double page spread about "crowdsourcing," the concept of harnessing the power of the crowd for industries ranging from stock photography to techonological research. The benefits of the crowd are evident the implementation of open-source software like Linux, but the crowd can also squeeze out professional photographers by providing cheap stock solutions uploaded to large databases comprised of amateur snapshots.

> graphite on bond.

I immediately thought of depicting the crowd as a 1000 armed beast rising from the sea, threatening and powerful. I took inspiration from these amazing Buddhist statues I saw at Rengeo-in Sanjusagen-do Temple in Japan.

> graphite on bond.

The first sketch seemed too stiff, and I thought that the props were distracting and confusing, especially since this beast was organized to tackle just one task. So despite the multitude of heads and arms, I redrew the whole thing, if only to shift the weight on its hips a few inches.

> blue pencil and white chalk on grey Rives BFK, 15 x 22"

I love drawing hands. After having drawn hundreds of hand studies in my sketchbooks, drawing hands from imagination comes easily.

> 11.5 x 16.75" @ 450 dpi, Photoshop CS.

(Click the image for a larger image). I really enjoyed finishing up this piece. Unfortunately, the editor at Wired thought the coloring was too morbid and wanted to depict the crowdsourcing beast in a better light, so this is the not the final version that will appear in print.