February 17, 2008
In a bit of last minute news, I will be speaking at the Atlanta Art Forum at SCAD along with Andrew Robinson, Eric Canete, and my old roommate, Yuko Shimizu. Hope to see you this Thursday!

> Sketch, graphite on bond, 5.5 x 8.5".

I was asked to depict a flying vessel designed by Mark Buckingham on this cover. Instead of featuring the whole ship, I decided that it might be more dramatic to concentrate on the figure head, which would also leave something to the imagination for the story within.

> Drawing, charcoal and white chalk on Rives BFK, 20 x 30".

Using vine charcoal, I laid in a basic tone and pulled away the lights with a kneaded eraser and darkened areas with compressed charcoal. At the end, I added the highlights with white chalk.

> Finish, Photoshop CS2, 7 x 10.5" @ 500 dpi.

The shape and silhouette of the ship and the simple color scheme help the cover read well from a distance. I designed the type on the bottom of the cover, and carried over the blue color into the birds for a sense of continuity.