SYDNEY 3/26/07 - 4/02/07
April 3, 2007

Since I don't leave the studio much, it's always fanscinating for me to observe the variety of people at the airport, study their postures, their choice of clothing, and how they cope with the waiting. Qantas proved to be an excellent airline, and the flight was only half full. It was nice and a bit unnerving that they included real silverware with the meals, including fully pronged forks.

During the first couple of days, I wandered around Sydney and visited the museums and art galleries. This drawing was done in the foyer of the State Theatre. A man leading a tour was kind enough to let me into the theatre to sketch.

I made my way to the Museum of Contemporary Art and stayed for a talk entitled, "What is Good Art." The hour long talk was part of a show by Craigie Horsfield, who designated a room in the exhibit for discussions, a kind of art performance space. Events in the room were broadcast downstairs via a live video feed. I sketched while the 'expert' panel pontificated.

On the way back, I walked through the Royal Botanic Gardens and watched the fruit bats, or 'flying foxes', awake for their nightly feast.

I took the ferry to Manly, ate some Balmain bugs, and drew the scene at the beach. The water was exceptionally blue, and the waves curled and crashed with picturesque precision.

> Acrylic and Charcoal on Bristol.

> Acrylic and Charcoal on Bristol.

On Thursday, I led a drawing workshop as part of the prize for a contest held on Myspace. Not sure how well it went, since it seems most people want to learn the techniques behind my illustrations, but I showed my sketchbooks briefly and demonstrated how I approached figure drawing with some quick studies. During the workshop, I remembered the great dialogue that Jim McMullan encouraged in his classes about drawing and observation, how words can organize and crystallize abstract thought, how we could see the logic of language in the structure of his drawings.

> Photo by K. Color correction by me.

We were lucky enough to play and feed some koalas in the morning. I was slightly freaked out when I saw that they had 2 thumbs on each hand.

Semi-Permanent was later on that same day, and I was scheduled to go on near the end. It was all a blur. Perhaps a video of the event will surface on Youtube. But it was so nice to meet Tiffany Bozic, her fiance, Jack, and to hang out with Motion Theory, with whom I've worked on several occasions.

> Photo by K. Color correction by me.

Along the cliffs of Bondi beach lived a man who cobbled together a shelter with string and trash. A very nice local named Johannes borrowed a car and drove me and Jesus and Javier from Motion Theory around Bondi and the surrounding areas. The weather was perfect, and we ended the day with drinks at Icebergs.

Many thanks to Andrew Johnstone and Murray Bell for shepherding me throughout the week and making sure everything ran smoothly. It was great to finally meet Andrew after all those years of support on Design is Kinky, one of the seminal design blogs out there.