April 8, 2010

Fungi II, Ballpoint Pen, 10 x 9", 2010.

RIFT, 6 x 4.5", ISBN 978-0-8118-7117-4, $12.95. Accordian book with slipcase, available summer, 2010.

Hardcase, foil stamped cover.

A hint of the interior.

The reverse side of the book, foil stamped, with initial sketches.

Chronicle just sent me a prototype of RIFT from the printer overseas. Originally conceived as an accordian postcard book, Chronicle suggested turning it a more elaborate accordian book after seeing the artwork. The interior art will be enhanced with foil accents, and the accordian binding allows the images to be viewed in a variety of ways. It's interesting to read the folded images in a narrative sequence, spliced into different pages, after having created them in a wide landscape format. With the accordion binding, you can unfurl the landscapes and refold them to form new images.