July 8, 2006

> Teen Drinking and it's effects on the brain. Front page of NY Times Science section, 6/4/06. AD: Kelly Doe. A bit of a rush job -- the staff at the NY Times wanted a 'graphic novel' approach to the subject. I proposed to show the life of one red-headed kid, from the first discovery of his parent's liquor cabinet to his days at college.

> Poster to benefit the Penfield Children's Center/commissioned portrait, acrylic on paper, 22 x 30", printed size: 30 x 40". Cramer Krasselt contacted me to create an image for a benefit at the Penfield Children's Center, where prints of the image will be auctioned off while patrons play croquet at a bowtie event. At the same time, the VP of creative at Atlantic Records contacted me about creating a portrait of her two daughters, and I told her about the Penfield project. I don't usually do portraiture, but this seemed like a good opportunity to raise more money for the charity by asking her to donate the cost of the painting to the event as well. A nice example of synchronicity. Sorry for the lack of updates on jamesjean.com . . . been working on projects for Fast Company, Best Life, Runner's World, Gyro, Nike, Paramount, WB Records, and something for the city of Seattle.