October 11, 2009

> RIFT Scull Sketch (Closed), Graphite on Bond, 4 x 10", 2009.

> RIFT Scull Sketch (Open), Graphite on Bond, 4 x 20", 2009.

> RIFT Scull Drawing, Graphite on Paper, 11.5 x 56.5", 2009.

> RIFT Scull Finish, Digital, 11 x 56" @ 600 dpi, 2009.

"Scull" is the first of two landscapes I recently completed for a new postcard book project for Chronicle. The postcards are all attached accordian style -- each card can stand alone as a single image or the set can be folded to reveal new images hidden within the larger landscapes. There will be a few metallic accents on the flying fish and in the rain. You can see some process photos here.

The originals for RIFT will be on display at a small show in Brussels in November. Those interested in purchasing the originals should contact Carl Wyckaert: wyckaert_carl@hotmail.com

Coming soon, a signing at Nucleus and the big show at the GR Biennale.