December 15, 2006

> Acrylic on Rives BFK, 22 x 30".

Penina, having been exiled by Queen Sheba to live alone in a tree on an island for five years to disprove King Soloman's assertation that God arranges marriages in heaven, spots Rueban adrift in the churning water below. A violent storm had tossed Rueben overboard from his father's ship, and he clung to a piece of driftwood as the waves assailed and cradled him towards the island.

Rueban and Penina's story was the inspiration for this ketubah, a Jewish marriage contract that is typically illustrated. (I wrote the english and hebrew text using a .005 micron). It will be signed by the groom, bride, rabbi, and witnesses duing the ceremony at the end of December.

> Graphite on Bond, 5.5 x 8".