August 30, 2009

> The tins are finally in! There's nothing like the smell of a few hundred tins of mints permeating the studio. We are selling them in sets of 3 here. I've also made the illustrations available as large format prints. You might notice some small differences between the prints and the final illustrations on the tins.

> I finally had a chance to photograph the skateboards I did with Giant Robot. They have been placed in a brand new category on the site along with the tins.

> The tops of the boards.

> Harry Pearce from Pentagram photographing a building. He gave an inspiring talk at Semi-Permanent.

> Sheep on Waiheke Island.

> I was stopped for taking this picture at a rest stop on the way to Rotorua. The war on terror continues.

> Mud bath in Rotorua, finished off with a dip in the sulfur pool. The smell still lingers on my clothes.

> We saw these beautiful ladies along the way to Waitomo Caves in New Zealand. You can see the lump of grass in the neck of the ostrich on the right.

> Melbourne Central, constructed around an old tower where molten lead was dropped to make spherical shot.

> Fresh churros with molten chocolate and ice cream!

> Pelican at rest in Healesville Sanctuary. A group of them attacked me. Surprisingly, there was no barrier between us and the hungry band of pelicans.

> A Banksy piece in inner Melbourne, consecrated by the city under plexi and then desecrated by a splash of silver paint.

> The Emperors of Melbourne.