November 30, 2009
  I was away for most of November, speaking at a few venues and signing books in Dublin, London, Paris, Brussels, and Manila. I'm grateful to have met so many great people abroad. Many thanks to the Offset crew (Richard, BrenB, & Asbestos), Orbital & Paul Gravett, Album & Germanico LaPosse & Audrey Bonnemaison, Brüsel & Carl Wyckaert, and Fully Booked & Jaime Daez for making the journey possible. Here are a few pictures that I took along the way.

> L: Waiting for a full Irish breakfast in Dublin. R: Francis Bacon's studio at Hugh Lane Gallery.

> L: Show at the ICA in London. R: Anish Kapoor at the Royal Academy of Arts.

> Wild times in London.

> Birdman in Paris.

> Staircase at the hotel in Paris. If you squint, it looks like a woman's bikini region. Or an armpit.

> Art Nouveau toilet at the Musée d'Orsay.

> L: Student in Brussels conducting interviews at a comic art museum with an old tape machine. Supernerd. R: Smurf sketches at the comics museum.

> Ghent. Beautiful at night.

> L: Cupcakes in London. R: All you can eat ribs at Amadeus in Ghent.

> Wii Boyz Pis.

> Anvaya Beach Resort in the Phillipines. The weather was warm and perfect. Everything was a mere golf cart ride away.

> Presenting at the Advertising Congress in Subic. Photo by Jaime Daez.

> Telecommunications in Manila.

> L: At a cockfight. R: Spectacularly odd tree in front of a tomb at the Chinese cemetery in Manila.

> L: Shell chandeliers at a market in Manila. R: Riding shotgun.

> Trying balut. A salty aphrodisiac.

> Pagsanjan Falls, where Apocalypse Now was filmed. Boatmen paddle and drag tourists through treacherous rapids and rocks.

> Outside Fully Booked beneath my banner. Photo by Jaime Daez.