December 7, 2008

> Jungle, Mixed Media on Paper, 19.5 x 29", 2008.

After having finished all the paintings for my upcoming show at Jonathan LeVine, I started to loosen up and create some more spontaneous pieces for myself. This was the first painting I did of this particular "species."

> Ballpoint pen, 10 x 9", 2008.

I thought I'd post a few pages from the sketchbook that I took to Iowa while visiting the set of Peacock. In total, I drew about 25 spreads over the course of 2 weeks. Since the movie is still in post production, I'll need to reserve the more revealing parts for another time.

> Ballpoint pen, 10 x 9", 2008.

A vintage bike with the village newspaper in the basket.

> Ballpoint pen, 10 x 9", 2008.

The actors were all nice enough to sit for me while waiting in the wings.

> Ballpoint pen, 10 x 9", 2008.

A scene involving a lot of extras, culled from local stock.
And finally, some expert testimonials from the kids at 826 Boston:

"I see an eye, lots of flowers, lots of colors, letters. I think they want people first not to see them [when they look at the painting] but when they look carefully to [then] see. This is the inside of a big glass container and things are moving side to side. They feel stuffed in and the light inside is bright."

- Stephanie, Age 9 (“Untitled.” Painting by James Jean.)

"If this painting were in a store I would pay two-thousand-hundred…No! No! Five dollars for it. I think they’re in the city or the jungle, but I don’t like the way that the city makes a lot of light. I see a little girl watching a little boy running and doing magic. It reminds me of my sister and brother and me."

- Gabriela, Age 7 ("Maze." Print by James Jean, 2008.)