June 8, 2006

Now playing . . . The art I created for Shaun White's 2007 Burton snowboard appears again in this fantastic HP commercial. The pink sketch he discards doesn't actually exist, though there were plenty of sketches done for this project. Below are a select few. Shaun was very specific with what he wanted, and I worked hard to bring his vision to life.

> An initial sketch for the top of the board and some roughs for the graphic on the bottom.

> A tight sketch for the top art that was rejected in favor of having the art fade to black.

> Final sketches for the composition. At this point, it was decided that a 2nd board would be made to continue the action: the tall white figure breaks through the chains and clawing tendrils of the demonic, post-apocalyptic horde.

> Graphite drawing on white Rives BFK sealed and painted over with washes of acrylic. The two pieces measure 11 x 55".

> Digital color in Photoshop CS, 3055 x 15880 pix each.