October 9, 2007

> Treat sketch, graphite on bond, 7 x 8.5". Sold.

I was asked to create a Halloween themed image for Baby Tattooville, which transpired last weekend at the beautiful and haunted Mission Inn in Riverside, CA. I sketched out a young girl eating her way out of a pumpkin.

> Treat painting, acrylic on Rives BFK, 22 x 24". Sold.

The painting has a lustrous eggshell finish due to the amount of gesso used in the painting.

> Accordian sketch, graphite on bond, 3.5 x 5".

I was also asked to create a name tag for Baby Tattooville, which was lovingly printed by Brad Keech from Pressure Printing.

> Accordian drawing, graphite on bristol, 5 x 8". Sold.

The legs weren't working in the sketch, so I made the little boy dance.

> Accordian print, etching and relief print on paper, 3 x 4 5/8".

The drawing was printed as an etching, and the roses and the year on the upper right hand corner were relief printed in red. A calligrapher at the event wrote each attendees name on the print.

I had a great time last weekend connecting with the collectors and hanging out with the other artists. Many thanks to the attendees and the Baby Tattoo crew for making the event unique and enjoyable.