October 16, 2008

> Here's a shot of my office space, where Gary Musgrave is helping me lay down flats for a new piece. My Chemical Romance went triple platinum with their Black Parade album, so they sent me this insane, elaborately produced commemorative plaque. All the elements in the frame are layered and die-cut for a shallow relief effect.

Over dinner last Thursday, I did a drawing for a grass roots project called Sketch for Change. You can bid on the drawing on ebay to benefit Barack Obama's campaign!

> It had been a while since I talked about the process behind a piece, so thought I'd break down the mural I did for Haaz Gallery in Istanbul. They gave me complete freedom as long as the image had something to do with Spring. I scribbled together a rough thumbnail.

> The thumbnail was scanned in, enlarged and printed out in light pink, and drawn over again with graphite on a larger sheet of paper.

> The composition had to be shifted to the right slightly in order to accommodate site-specific issues. I added an arm holding a part of a swing to fill in the new space on the left.

> The sketch was blown up and pieced together in sections, and the final drawing was light-boxed onto a larger sheet of Strathmore drawing paper, measuring about 16 x 50".

> Flatting layer in Photoshop. The colors are completely random. As long as the adjacent areas are not the same color, I can easily select different areas to work on. The flats are actually quite interesting by themselves.

> Building up values, pushing back certain areas and darkening others.

> The final piece.