August 8, 2007

> 2 minutes, charcoal on newsprint.

I finally found some time to go figure drawing last week. A belly dancing class was letting out as the drawing workshop was starting, so parking was complicated. We ended up missing the first few poses as well as all the spots around the model stand, but I managed to squeeze in a sliver of a view between the people in front of me.

> 5 Minutes, charcoal and white chalk on newsprint.

The model was excellent, and every pose provided some point of interest for the drawing. For example, the slight boxiness of her ribcage, emerging as she leaned backwards, was something I tried to capture in the drawing on the right. What kept the drawings interesting for me was the contrast between the active and passive parts of the body. Her hands were always doing something, and the twist in the waist always worked in concert with the direction of her gaze.

> 20 Minutes, charcoal and white chalk on newsprint.

I broke out the vine charcaol and tried to render some form, being mindful of how light and shadow can help reveal the spirit of the model rather than weigh it down with overwrought detail.

I'll be in Toronto this weekend for TCAF. Below is my panel schedule:

Saturday, Aug. 18th, 3pm: Digital Comics and Digital Media Workshop
Various comics professionals take you through the creation of their digital art. All of the creators work differently with different results, and the creators will be sharing as much with each other as with the audience! Featuring artists from Imaginism Studios, Atilla Adorjany, James Jean (Fables), Jose Villarubia (Promethea), and Jim Zubkavich (Udon Comics). Note: Attendance for this workshop is strictly limited to 60 participants. Participants must register at the main registration desk at the front entrance to Victoria College on the first floor before 2pm on Saturday, August 18th.
Meet at the top of the stairs on the second floor to be directed to workshop room.

Sunday, Aug. 19th, 3pm: Spotlight on Paul Pope & James Jean
TCAF Guests of Honour Paul Pope & James Jean are both friends and contemporaries, each turning out beautiful work unique to the comics industry. Paul Pope will be presenting a retrospective of his career, tying into his new book PULPHOPE: The Art of Paul Pope. James Jean will be presenting a look at his recent, more personal work. Moderated by Jon Ellis of
Chapel, Second Floor