January 11, 2007


For a long time, my personal work has taken a back seat to my 'day job' as an illustrator -- a backlog of ideas and sketches has accumulated in the dark corners of my studio. "Yolk" was drawn a couple of weeks ago, and it might end up as a letterpress print or a painting.

> Ghosthunter.

This sketch for a curved folding screen has been languishing for a over a year now -- the actual sketch and idea for the piece is almost 3 years old.

> Hide.

A more recent sketch for a folding frame, only a few months old. I'm working on a large scale painting of this composition right now, which measures about 50 x 80".

> Swan.

This companion piece to "Hide" continues the Leda and the Swan tangent started by another painting I had done, "Secret".

> Dive.

A sketch that's almost 3 years old and still hasn't been finished. I'm a bit reluctant to commit to this piece, due to the vast sea of tentacled work being created of late.

I remain hopefull that my long neglected ideas and sketches will be finished soon.