December 27, 2006

> Fables 60 Painting, detail.

Poor Ambrose. Mopping the floor with tears of sadness. I had some reference for the orange jumpsuit, but I painted the rest based on my original sketch, which was done from imagination.

> Fables and Jack Sketches, graphite on bond, 5.5 x 8.5"

I've recently started creating these covers simultaneously, and I find that it has helped raise the quality of the Jack covers immensely.

> Fables 60 digital sketch comp. Photoshop Flats for Jack

The floor and bucket beneath Ambrose were drawn on the computer -- the bucket was drawn freehand to match the perspective of the floor, which was done by creating a grid and transforming it in photoshop. In the Jack image, you can see what my 'flats' look like in photoshop, created by carefully tracing the original drawing with the polygonal lasso tool.

> Fables 60 painting, acrylic on Rives BFK, 15 x 22". Jack Drawing, blue pencil and graphite on Rives BFK, 15 x 22"

> Fables & Jack finishes, Photoshop CS2, 7 x 10.5", 500 dpi.

Having drawn both compositions at the same time, the figures were unintentionally both full length and of similar size, but the intent behind the images was completely different. I've always liked the slickness of digital illustration and the texture of real paint, but the emulation of paint and organic textures on the computer always seemed a bit disingenuous to me, though it hasn't stopped me in the past. I suppose since these images are meant for print, it's all fair game.

My old friend, Mu Pan, will have a show at La Luz de Jesus on Jan. 5. You can also see more of his work and buy prints here. I'll be at the opening to celebrate with some of the old crew. Hope you can make it!

Also, Kenichi has posted a new piece on Polite Winter