May 12, 2008

> Fables Cover Collection Jacket. 12 x 26.5".

I've noticed that DC has put an image of the upcoming Fables cover collection on Amazon, but for some reason their production department used the wrong color profile and the image looks radioactive. Since then, I've put some final flourishes on the cover and above is the actual jacket design.

> Fables Cover Collection Cover Sketch, Graphite on Bond, 8.5 x 11".

> Fables Cover Collection Cover Drawing, Blue Pencil and Acrylic Ink on Rives BFK, 20 x 30".

> Fables Cover Collection Cover Finish, Photoshop CS2.

In case my newsletter didn't go through over the weekend, I've released the Willow Tree story as a series of 17 x 22" prints here. Purchase of the entire series will come with a special bonus print of a painting from my show at Jonathan Levine Gallery in January 2009.

Finally, I'll be in Des Moines this week working on a secret project, so all orders will be signed and sent off at the end of next week.