March 18, 2007

> Cover to Process Recess 2: Portfolio.

I'll be in Sydney next week to speak at Semi-Permanent. I'm told there will be over 2000 attendees, so it should be quite exciting. I'm not quite sure what I'll be speaking about yet, since I've been turning away a lot illustration work this year, and my ideals and convictions keep shifting. Can constant self-doubt and uncertainty be inspiring? We'll see! Also, I'll be conducting a drawing workshop before the event as part of the prize for a contest SP is running.

Here are some items of note:

I'm currently working on PR2, creating new drawings, laying out the pages, and writing. It's taking longer than expected to finish everything, but it should debut at Comicon this summer.

I'm working on 12 pages for a comic anthology called SOS. The story is about a willow spirit and further fleshes out the world that is Recess.

I created a fold out cover for this month's Creativity Magazine.

The work I did for the Seattle Space Needle has finally been installed, and I'll blog about it after I get back from Sydney in the beginning of April.

I was just notified that I won 2 gold medals and a silver from the latest Spectrum competition. Details at Irene Gallo's blog here.