October 5, 2006

> 7 x 10.5" 500 dpi, Photoshop CS2.

I'll be "teaching" this piece from start to finish at my workhop on Oct. 15th. A good variety of artifice and digital trickery I've developed over the years was used to bring this one to life, so plenty of techniques will be divulged. For instance, the wind was created using a small fan brush dipped in india ink and scanned into photoshop. (As for the original art, the sketch has sold, but the final drawing is currently on hold until I decide whether or not to post it on ebay). *Things to bring to the workshop: a drawing pad or sketchbook and something you are comfortable drawing with. I'll be demonstrating and talking about photoshop techniques, so be prepared to take notes. Also, we will take a look at a variety of original artwork and discuss methods and materials used in their creation. For the latter half of the workshop, I'll be drawing from model, and everyone can either watch or draw along with me.