December 29, 2008
The Fables Covers Book is back in stock!

I just updated with about 150 sketchbooks images that were missing from my site for a long while. While I was working on this update, I noticed there was a dark period where there weren't any sketchbooks from 2004 - 2005.

In retrospect, it almost seems as if I had hit a peak with my sketchbooks in 2002. I'm a little wistful looking back at these books, which held so much promise, cut short by an impetuous move to LA.

Since I've stopped illustrating, it's almost as if I'm merely returning to a former life. As much as things may have changed, my current sketchbooks share many of the same sensibilities as my 22 year old self. Even back then, I was obsessively layering drawings on top of each other.

Some of the sketchbook pages were coated thickly in paint and salt, the texture syphilitic, picking up crumbling pigment.

Phantoms . . .

. . . and figure drawing.

Another texture study.

A subdued piece from 2006. The drawings were done for an unfinished short film by Chioke Nassor called, "Things I Realized in 2002."

 There's much more to come on, including the entire suite of paintings from "Kindling", opening at Jonathan Levine in about a week.