September 4, 2006

> I've coated the surface with some washes of color ( layers of trans. blues and browns work well ), and used some liquitex acrylic white gesso to bring out the forms. The gesso works well since it provides a little bit of tooth for subsequent layers of paint and other mediums, like pastel or colored pencil.

> And then, a little more than a day later, I arrive at the conclusion to the painting. This composition, which was so busy to begin with, is now further embellished by form, color, and texture. It will take some work in photoshop to bring clarity back to the picture.

> I outline the beanstalk and render Cinderella in vector to "pull" it from the surface. More pushing and pulling ensues.

> After some color dodging and color adjustments, I've arrived at the finish! Click the image above for an closer view. Now it's time to send it in for approval . . .