February 3, 2007

> Antique typewriter. Wireless technology at its best.

After reading many negative reviews about Geek Squad and Comptech, I've decided to avoid the two companies -- does anyone know a good, certified computer technician to help me setup and optimize my home network? My home is hardwired for networking, but I've been unable to get it to work, and I'm currently running an encrypted wireless network which is running slowly. Of course, I can pay competitive rates -- I'm just sorely in need of an experienced technician to come over to Santa Monica and sort out a specialized and unconventional home network.

You can send recommendations to mail@jamesjean.com or post it in the comments below. Thanks!

Promo - 2001

As promised, here is the promo I had made when I graduated from school in 2001. I created 12 of these mailers by hand, using printouts on photo paper from a basic inkjet printer, construction paper and spray mount. It measures 5 x 5" folded, and was slipped into a peach-colored vellum envelope.

> Front and back of the vellum envelope for the mailer, cut, folded and glued together by hand. The envelope has endured quite a bit of wear due to the brittle nature of translucent vellum. The back includes a graphic instructing the recipient on how to unfold the mailer.

> The promo itself. The rounded flap, cut by hand, opens upwards -- each panel is hinged with orange construction paper painted with red acrylic on the interior side.

> The promo unfolded. Click the image to enlarge. The hinges are varied in width to allow correct folding of each panel. A business card was affixed to the bottom panel with some rubber cement.

I mailed these promos to a selective list of 10 or so art directors, mostly in book publishing. Unfortunately, I didn't receive any jobs from the promo nor any meaningful feedback. But due to the efficacy of www.jamesjean.com, it would be the last promo and mailer I would ever make or send out.