July 8, 2008

> Quick sketch of Evonne Hsu at the recording studio in Taipei on the left. K having her nails done on the right.

I'm finally back from NY. It was great meeting everyone at ICON. All prints and orders will be shipped very soon! Thank you for your forbearance.
I did a podcast with Steven Heller after my workshop which you can hear here. It starts out fine and then descends into muddled incoherence as I struggle to grasp the exploding strands of my thoughts.

I have a public Facebook page. There's actually another page for me on there that was created by someone last week, but it's lacking in content. This new page will have images that are missing from my portfolio site as well user-submitted photos of tattoos and the like.

I did an interview with Matthew Newton for Computerlove. Seems like I do a couple of interviews every week for a variety of international publications . . . I'll compile an archive of those interviews someday soon.

I've uploaded the files I gave away at ICON5 on Rapidshare. It includes all the files I used to create Fables 76 as well as files for the creation of the back cover to Process Recess vol. 2. I've also included the outline from my workshop, which includes notes on how to isolate line work and create controllable halftone dots in Photoshop. It's abbreviated, but the point is to use this as a springboard for experimentation. The files are low-res only, but the layer structure should be clear. If someone can create a torrent of it, please let me know and I'll put a link to it on the blog.