August 3, 2009

> Here are a few progress shots of a diptych (96 x 60") that's still in progress. The painting on the left side is almost done, and the canvas on right side is a field of pure carbon black acrylic.

> On a small sheet of paper, I sketched out a rough image of a pheasant perched on a piece of Tiahu rock. The sketch was then scanned in and printed out onto sheets of ordinary bond paper that were cut and taped together to form a blowup of the original image.

> I applied a coating of green pastel to the back of the bond paper, and by tracing the printed drawing with a ballpoint pen, a faint impression of the image was transferred to the canvas. I further refined the drawing with a green charcoal pencil. In the picture above, the painting is airing out on a balcony after having been sprayed with fixative.

> In a few hours, I painted a grisaille with titanium white and ivory black, using the original sketch as reference. More color will be applied once this is dry.

These custom canvases on aluminum stretchers were made by Lucius Hudson.

I'll be leaving soon for New Zealand and Australia, but I'll also be heading to Dublin in November for OFFSET.