** AWAY **
August 9, 2009

> Hunting Party (Detail), Oil on Canvas, 60 x 192", 2009.

Since I'll be away in Auckland and Melbourne the next couple of weeks, I won't be able to sign prints until August 26th.

* Print orders will be placed on hold until I get back on August 26th and shipped soon thereafter.
** Combination book + print orders will be placed on hold and shipped together when I return.

However, books are all pre-signed and will be ready to go as usual!

***Update August 11th, 2009***

Special one off prints, signed and remarqued on the frame, will be for sale at Plaything Gallery this Thursday. Please contact semipermanent@thechurch.co.nz or call +64 9 303 4563 for price list and details. I just saw the frames today, and the prints are beautifully floated in white shadow boxes.

Exit Eden skate decks are finally available at Giant Robot!