December 12, 2006

My old school chum, Farel Dalrymple, stayed with us a couple of weeks ago after Thanksgiving. It was good to work in the studio with him -- he was inking a comic written by Jonathan Lethem, and I was painting some gifts for K's birthday. We went figure drawing, and an older woman posed -- she was strong and energetic, body parts bulging and thick.

Intersecting forms, muscle upon fat upon muscle, the buoyancy and density of living flesh, golden blond helmet hair casting darkness upon face, twisting, cruching, pillowy, mottled, squeezing, stretching.

K reading. Her head is overwrought -- I screwed up the proportions as the drawing progressed from her hands to her head. The ghostly drawing above the 'double head' more accurately captures her expression, a slight pout as she reads a sad story.