February 24, 2010
Singers. Acrylic on Wood Panels, 18 x 47", 2010.

After much pixel nudging and hard coding from the industrious folks at Rocket Society, a new website is born. has been retired -- the webstore and blog now reside here alongside an archive of work created since 1999. The past 5 years of blogging content are still accessible, and the webstore and portfolio have been streamlined. The revised backend will allow me to update the site much more easily as well, as images have accumulated unchecked in the past years into a mountainous landfill in dire need of organization.

Above is a new painting that will hang at the Soho House in West Hollywood. I was asked to create a work in black and white to match the decor of this new iteration of the Soho House. The trio will regale the club members with songs of yearning for technicolor.

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