September 17, 2006
Edit: Please check out Tomer's version of the project at Nike commissioned a range of artists to create a suite of posters. FYI, Tomer and I both went to SVA (he was a year ahead of me) and we lived across the hall from each other in Brooklyn after we graduated. The walls were thin. He smoked then. I was 10 lbs lighter. We shared many meals.

> Nike asked me to illustrate a race day poster. The theme: Space Race 2020. I was free to do whatever I wanted. I love jobs like this. The first sketch I did was a weird one . . . it was more 'interpretive dance' than what I had intended. I wanted to express the idea of competition as well, and since I was working on Fables at the same time, I wondered what a sci-fi rivalry between Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf would look like.

> Blue pencil on Bristol, 18 x 24." After the linework was finished, I coated the paper with acrylic gloss, which gave it a milky soft complexion.

> Photoshop CS, 18 x 24," 350 dpi. That's my chop on the left, carved in Taiwan, and I added some fun icons and robotic humming birds (we need super agile cameras to cover the event) to finish it off.