May 7, 2010

Birdcage Process (from L to R): Graphite drawing on Bristol, Flatting layer in Photoshop, Shading Layer, Halfway point.

Birdcage finish, Graphite and Digital Color, 19 x 29" @ 400 dpi, 2010.

Birdcage was originally created for the Hollywood Bowl poster series last summer, but it couldn't find a home among any of the artists performing then. It existed only as a rough sketch in my flat files, languishing away while I devoted my time to painting. Recently, I was asked to revive this image for another concert series at the Greek theatre this June. Posters will be on sale then, so look out for news of its release soon. Also, I will be donating Sink II to an art auction to be held at Royal/T in Culver City next weekend. Hope you can make it to the show. Details below: